Bullock Family BisonCares Scholarship


The overall mission of BisonCares is:  To facilitate as an organization a set of responsive, compassionate initiatives for the well being of our local and global communities in order to improve the quality of life.

The Foundation has further established that improving education and skills to achieve meaningful careers will help improve the quality of life in our local communities and wishes to support that through a Scholarship program aimed at the children of Bison Associates.

Download the scholarship Application form here. 

Scholarship Program – Description and Funding Priorities


The Foundation is dedicated to its goal of improving the quality of life for others.

The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to Bison Employee’s children who are seeking to attend Post Secondary education leading to a degree or career certificate.

The total amount of funding for the program varies from year to year depending on available resources.  Program guidelines are subject to change.

Guidelines for distribution of funds and criteria for selecting recipients are established by the Scholarship Committee.  The Scholarship Committee is comprised of business and education representatives who have experience in career focused education.

General Information

The scholarship provides $3,000.00 in support of Post Secondary education.  The scholarship is renewable for a maximum of two additional years (new application required each year).  The maximum aggregate scholarship amount per applicant is $9,000.00.

The deadline for scholarship applications is 5:00 pm CT, June 10, 2016.  The application must be completed and submitted in its entirety electronically.  Only transcripts and letters of recommendation may be submitted under separate cover.  The name of the applicant must be identified on all materials submitted.  Unidentified materials cannot be considered.

Submit all materials by mail or e-mail to the Scholarship Committee at BisonCares, 3850 Ohio Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174 or RErion@bisongear.com so that they are received prior to the deadline. Only transcripts and letters of recommendation may be sent by fax to (630) 443-5930.

All applicants will be sent notification letters by first class mail.  The Foundation does not provide individualized feedback to scholarship applicants.  General feedback may be provided on an individual basis, upon request. 

The scholarship year begins September 1 of the year of application, and ends May 30th of the following year.

All funds are paid directly to the educational institution and may be used for expenses such as tuition, room and board, textbooks and materials, and any other expenses related to achieving a Post Secondary education or Career Certificate.


  At the time of application the candidate shall:

Failure to Comply

 Failure of the scholarship recipient to comply with the policies governing this scholarship may be grounds for early termination of the scholarship and/or denial of any future consideration by the Foundation for any of its programs.

During the course of studies, should the scholarship recipient encounter problems related to academic progress or other matters related to continuance of the program, the Foundation may request – both from the student and the academic institution – any additional information from which a decision to continue or to terminate the scholarship can be made.  Should an early termination be warranted, the recipient will receive a 30-day notice from the Foundation.

Criteria for Evaluation of Application

Recommendation for funding will be based on the comprehensiveness of the application and the educational qualifications of the applicant with regard to potential for career related education.  Toward that end, the Scholarship Committee will carefully review the following items in each application: