About Us

Welcome to BisonCares.com powered by the hearts of Bison Gear Employee’s.

Through the spirit of social responsibility, BisonCares allows our employee’s to engage on improving life for our local and global communities in a significant manner. Since the conception of the organization, BisonCares has recently assisted in Katrina relief as well as support for the toys for tots program, feeding the hungry in Northern Illinois, and other on-going events to support our communities.


Our Mission:

The mission of BisonCares is to facilitate as an organization a set of responsive, compassionate initiatives for the well being of our local and global communities in order to improve the quality of life.

2013 Donations:

 BisonCares 2013 Donations


2012 Donations:

BisonCares 2012 Donations

2011 Donations:

BisonCares 2011 Donations

Bison Gear and Engineering Background:

 Bison has distinguished itself as a manufacturer with a strong engineering tradition who provides substantial added value in the power transmission and motion control products it brings to market. Our robust, durable products have found a home in some of industry’s most demanding applications, supported by our Robusticity™ quality/design philosophy. About 20% of our production are proprietary custom designs and many of our standard units are modified to meet application requirements, so please let us know your needs. Our website www.bisongear.com is designed to assist you in arriving at a product that matches your specifications.